School Minibus

The Nabugabo Community Learning Centre is approximately 25kms from the nearest town, Masaka, and can only be reached by dirt road. As well as trading and craftsman, Masaka has the closest hospital to the school and more often than we would like, children have to be rushed to the town. There are very few vehicles in the village, let alone a minibus, which can make this trip even more problematic.

One of the HUGE Partnerships goals for 2015 was to purchase a vehicle that could be used by both the school and community to reach town and thanks to your kind donations NCLC is now the extremely proud owner of a ten-seater Toyota Hiace minibus - with permanent 4-wheel drive, essential in the rainy seasons. This wonderful addition to the community will have multi-functional uses, including acting as an ambulance, community project 'wheels', town 'taxi' and in-service transport.

In addition it will also offer a great opportunity for NCLC children to escape the classroom and travel further afield; most NCCL children have never travelled beyond Lluvule trading post just 8km away, let alone to Masaka. The minibus bus will open up new horizons and open doors to new experiences for all.